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Heart Surgery for Young Adrian

Field Report by Operation Blessing

EL SALVADOR – In El Salvador, a young heart beats stronger now, thanks to your kindness that helped provide heart surgery to a young boy in need. Three-year-old Adrian’s story is a powerful testament to what kindness and dedication can accomplish.

Because he was born with a heart murmur, it was clear this young boy would face challenges. He had a hole in his heart. Sadly, his parents were faced with the terrifying reality that their son would need surgery. Without child heart surgery, their son could lose his battle with this risky and complicated condition. However, since they could not afford surgery, what could they do?

wages cannot pay for surgery

The Weight of a Heartbeat: Adrian’s Challenge

hole in heart

Adrian’s mother, Alexandra, recalls the overwhelming fear upon learning of her son’s condition. The financial difficulty to afford the much-needed surgery caused a constant heartache, casting a shadow of despair over the family. Adrian’s fatigue and rapidly racing heart were distressing signs of his struggle. Imagine if your child was sick and you knew they needed help. Now, imagine if you had no way to help them.

A Brother’s Prayer: Alejandro’s Hope for Adrian

As Adrian’s health hung in the balance, his older brother, Alejandro, turned to prayer. His innocent prayers were a moving plea for his brother’s healing. This is when you came along and made the difference. You became the hands and feet of Christ to give this family hope.

praying for resources for surgery

Operation Blessing: A Beacon of Hope After Child Heart Surgery in El Salvador

Hope arrived when Adrian was referred to a heart hospital, supported by Operation Blessing. Your commitment to helping sick children allowed Adrian to undergo the life-saving operation at no cost to his family. After surgery, life was very different for young Adrian. He emerged not only healthy, but also full of life. Think of the joy this brought to his family.

Your Generosity Is Reshaping Lives One Family at a Time

Today, Adrian plays without restraint, free from the heart problems that once threatened his life. His family’s gratitude knows no bounds. They marvel at the kindness YOU showed when you donated to make Adrian’s surgery possible. The success of Adrian’s surgery is a beacon of what you can do. It shows the positive impact of charitable giving on families facing the impossible choice between financial ruin and their child’s health.

healed from heart problems in El Salvador

Why Stop Now – Change the World One Step at a Time

The story of Adrian and his family is a reminder that helping even one child can impact the world. Think of all the prayers that you helped answer when you decided to be a blessing. You heard the call and you decided to change this young boy’s life for the better. Thank you for all you do! Help us continue to show families like Adrian’s the love of Christ by supporting these surgeries!

child heart surgery is a success

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