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Clean Water For Arnoldo in Honduras

Field Report by Operation Blessing

10-year old Arnoldo lives in Santa Elena, Honduras. Getting clean water in Honduras does not come easy for him.  Every day when he returns home from school, Arnoldo must traverse steep hills, avoiding dangerous snakes along the way just to fetch water for his family. With his mother caring for his younger sister and his father away at work, the responsibility fell on Arnoldo. Arnoldo spent almost an hour every single day fetching clean water.

Dirty Unclean Water

Not only was the journey treacherous and dangerous, but when he reached the water source, it was contaminated with dirt and bugs. It caused stomach pain and sickness for Arnoldo and his family.

However, thanks to generous support from friends like you, Arnoldo’s family and neighbors were given a blessing. Through your kindness, Operation Blessing installed a state-of-the-art water purification system for the community of Santa Elena. This gravity fed system delivers clean water right into their community! Thank you for your heart to see Arnoldo, and villages like Santa Elena, provided with safe, clean water in Honduras. To get involved, visit

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