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You Gave Them Clean Water – And Clean Water Means Life

Field Report by Operation Blessing

WORLDWIDE – Enjoy these thank you messages that YOU made possible by providing clean water to vulnerable people all around the world. Clean water means life for many people who do not have access to it around the globe.

Your generosity makes providing clean water solutions and access to fresh water possible for men, women, and children who would otherwise suffer due to the inability to access safe water when they need it. Here are some of the comments from people who have benefited from your giving. These individuals in Peru, India, Ghana, Thailand, and Nigeria are just a handful of the people who appreciate your understanding that clean water means life for their children and families.

Thanking You for Clean Water

“Water is life and it is needed for everything…We are so happy and content for having this. I am grateful to God and Operation Blessing for helping us because I think no one else would have remembered about us as you guys did!” – Nazario, Peru

“We were tired from fetching water from the hand pump that is too far from us. We wasted a lot of our time, and because of that we also wasted our work and wages. We were praying for the provision of water for long time. Thank you and may God bless you.” Asha, India

“I wish to thank you for this wonderful gesture. On behalf of the elders and people of Sinawono, we thank you….We had many problems because we shared our water with goats, sheep, and camels. This brought many health challenges to our people. This water is new life for our village.” – Sonaah, Ghana

“We have struggled with no water before. After the project arrived, there is enough water to use conveniently every day. We don’t have to worry anymore. Thank you for seeing our suffering and supporting our village.” – Nattanicha, Thailand

“This water is a dream come true. We never expected such a good thing would come this easy. Having this water in our community gives me great joy. My children suffered and sometimes I had to keep them home from school… Now, the days of suffering are over.” – Naomi, Nigeria

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