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Times of Refreshing for Parched Nigerians

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

NIGERIA – Chief Daniel’s community of Karara in remote Nigeria depended on three water sources, none of them adequate, until friends like you came along with clean water solutions in Africa.

They had a shallow, unreliable well nearby with a hand pump that often broke down. Then there was an open, unclean well that disappeared during the dry season. And finally, a dirty stream lay a half mile away that, not surprisingly, also dried up at certain times of the year.

Not only did the people of Karara have a hard time finding water to drink, the lack of water affected their cooking, cleaning, health, hygiene, and farming, as well. Sometimes, they suffered from typhoid, malaria, and other mosquito and water-borne illnesses. This was simply life for over 100 residents in Chief Daniel’s community. 

However, we’re happy to report that friends like you heard about their difficult situation and reached out to bless the village of Karara with clean water solutions!  


A New Deep Water Well In Nigeria

Our water experts drilled a new deep-water well for these precious people. We tested the water—to ensure that it’s safe for the residents to drink—and provided resources to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and spreading disease. Then we trained a local team to maintain the well and gave them the tools they would need. Finally, we offered vital handwashing and hygiene training to the whole community.

As you can see from their smiling faces, the people of Karara were thrilled to dedicate their new well and took great joy in the refreshing water. Chief Daniel said, “Glory, honor and praise be to the Most High God who made this day a reality in the life of the Karara community. Permit me to express our gratitude to you for counting us worthy to benefit from this great humanitarian service.” 

And we thank YOU for giving life around the world through Operation Blessing’s clean water solutions in Africa! 

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