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A New Smile for Dar in Cambodia!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Although Dar’s parents were initially overjoyed with the arrival of beautiful twin boys, they quickly became troubled when they noticed Dar’s cleft lip. The family endured severe ridicule from neighbors in Cambodia, suggesting they should throw Dar in the trash or leave him to die. His mother also watched him struggle to drink milk.

A cleft lip, in Cambodia, often carries a negative stigma, but that didn’t matter to Dar’s grandmother who was moved with compassion for him.She told his parents that even if they wanted to give him away, she would care for him. But Dar’s parents would not give away their son they loved so much. They were prepared to endure any pain for the sake of their son. They had no money and no other options to correct his lip.

One day when Dar’s parents were taking him to receive his regular vaccinations, a doctor told them about Operation Blessing’s life-changing surgery program. And thanks to you, Dar was able to receive a free surgery to correct his cleft lip in Cambodia! He is now on the road to full recovery from surgery and can drink milk without choking. Thank you for your heart to see Dar healed and his future changed! To get involved, go to

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