Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

Combined Federal Campaign


We’d like to invite you to take part in this year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC # 10530)for military or federal government employees, as well as those in the private sector, and choose Operation Blessing as your designated charity of choice! Whether it’s responding in times of disaster, providing food for hungry children and families, or offering safe, clean water to a village in need, every dollar of your support has the power to change lives.


Operation Blessing participates in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as well as state and local campaigns as a member of Global Impact.

Who Can Donate Through Workplace Giving Campaigns
  • Federal employees and military personnel 
  • State and local government employees
  • Private Sector Employees (for example through a local United Way campaign or company matching gift program)

How to Participate in CFC
Search for Operation Blessing or #10530 on the CFC website or write down CFC #10530 when submitting a paper pledge.

Does your company have a matching gift program? Click here to find out!

Volunteer Hour Pledges
If you would like to pledge volunteer hours to work with Operation Blessing, you can sign up through CFC, go to, or register here.