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Your Compassion Rekindled Hope After Raging Wildfires

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Raging wildfires spare nothing in their path, leaving behind a trail of ashes, debris, and shattered dreams. In Texas, the flames consumed over a million acres, while in Chile, entire neighborhoods were reduced to rubble. And on the island of Maui, the deadliest wildfire in modern U.S. history claimed over 100 lives and left thousands homeless. Yet, even in the face of such overwhelming devastation, a flicker of hope remained, fueled by the unwavering compassion of friends like you.

wildfire damage

Destructive Wildfires in Texas

IN TEXAS, you enabled the Operation Blessing team to respond swiftly to the raging wildfires along the panhandle near Amarillo. County Commissioner Chris Prock shared the gravity of the situation: “We lost several hundred structures to the fire. It went through some of our neighborhoods.” Your generosity provided emergency necessities, hygiene supplies, and cleanup materials to all in need, including first responders battling the deadly flames.

disaster relief in Chile

Shannon, a local rancher, recounted the harrowing experience, “I turned off the highway to come in here, and there was fire raging on both sides of me. We lost around 5,000 acres. … It was just a helpless feeling.” Commissioner Prock expressed his gratitude: “Having organizations like Operation Blessing show up—a global organization—and say, ‘Hey, what can we do for your community? We’re here for you. How can we meet that need?’ It’s just a huge blessing to us.”

Destructive Wildfires in Chile

ACROSS THE OCEAN IN CHILE—In the weeks just before the Texas disaster, families like Daisy’s similarly found themselves grappling with the aftermath of destructive wildfires. “The fires started near us, and in less than an hour we had to evacuate with only the backpacks we packed the day before,” Daisy recounted.

disaster relief in Chile

Through your support, Operation Blessing joined forces with local and international partners to provide assistance—including food, water, and help rebuilding homes following the raging wildfires. “Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the help—what they’re doing for us and many other people,” Daisy expressed. “We’re no longer starting from scratch.”

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Catastrophic Wildfires in Hawaii

IN HAWAII, the catastrophic wildfires traumatized survivors like Alan and his young son Kaipo. “Fire was everywhere, burning everyone’s houses, making its way toward everyone and their vehicles as they tried to get away,” Alan recalled. But your generosity provided emergency supplies, fishing gear, and even help developing the Ohana Hope Community—a temporary housing solution for hundreds of displaced Hawaiians.

Hawaii wildfire damage

Alan shared his immense gratitude. “To have stuff like that handed to us is like a dream come true. Big mahalos (thanks) to you all. Thank you, guys, for taking the time and opportunity for helping those in need. You guys are truly a blessing.”

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Through your generosity, Operation Blessing has been able to bring comfort and aid to those in need. From providing essential supplies to rebuilding homes, your support has been a lifeline for families struggling to regain their footing. Out of the ashes from raging wildfires, hope has risen, fueled by your willingness to stand with the suffering.

Hawaii wildfire victims

Thank you for showing God’s love in the darkest of times. Your compassion has truly made a difference in the lives of those who have lost so much.

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