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Clean Water and Compassion from Across the Globe

Field Report by Operation Blessing

THAILAND – Baan Pa Kia Nok village in Thailand has long been a loving and hardworking community. Although this remote mountain village has over 500 residents, sadly they did not have a reliable source of water. The nearest source was muddy and undrinkable in the rainy season.

Other times of year they could boil it to make it safe to drink, but there simply wasn’t enough for everyone. In addition, they suspected contaminants from at least one of the sources they used were making their people ill.

With most residents unable to afford bottled water, they often had to walk to other villages and beg for help. Seven-year-old Mobai said, “My mother had to pay in the morning and fetch water at noon. I got tired every time I went to get water because we had to travel a long distance.” These dear people just couldn’t seem to win.

Then friends like you brought compassion from across the globe. You came alongside them through Operation Blessing. Through your generosity, we were able to provide not only a reliable well, but also a treatment system, chlorination, training on the system, and even classes on hygiene and sanitation! The community is delighted and so grateful that people like you from far across the globe care enough to help.

Thailand hygiene and sanitation

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