Children in Dakar, Senegal who do not have easy access to computers to learn and grow.

Computer Lab Gives Students in Senegal Hope

These children in Senegal received a new computer lab from Operation Blessing partners.

SENEGAL – In many countries, accessing a computer is as easy as walking into the next room or visiting your local library.

Children in Dakar, Senegal who do not have easy access to a computer lab to learn and grow.

But in Dakar, Senegal, it can be difficult for children to find a computer they can use to help them learn and grow.

A classroom in Senegal filled with new computers from Operation Blessing partners.

That’s why Operation Blessing selected Ecolé Siloé, a local school in Dakar, to receive a brand new computer lab.

Smiling kids in Senegal now have access to a brand new computer lab.

With these resources, impoverished schoolchildren have the opportunity to learn new skills to help give them a brighter future.

This boy in Senegal has new hope and a brighter future thanks to a computer lab in his school.


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