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Coronavirus Pandemic – Hunger Relief in the U.S.

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

VIRGINIA: The coronavirus pandemic has brought more than just illness to our world. It’s caused panic, heartache, and financial crisis as well. With quarantine and social distancing measures in place throughout the world, many have lost their sources of income and struggled to find food on the grocery store shelves.

Food Distribution in Times of Crisis

But thanks to faithful friends like you, Operation Blessing has been actively feeding the hungry for decades! And during this changing time of crisis, we continue to look for innovative ways to get food into the hands of the hungry around the world.

Here in the U.S., our hunger strike force regularly sends out semi-trucks full of literally tons of free groceries! The food is then delivered to our distribution partners throughout the country and given to those in need. The sick, the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed and the working poor can all receive the nutrition they desperately need.

During this time of crisis, we won’t back down with our hunger relief efforts—instead, thanks to you, we’re ramping them up to meet the growing need around us. As many school children stay at home and millions find themselves recently unemployed, with your help, we’re determined to bless as many as we can.

COVID-19 Crisis Causes Food Shortages

Grateful recipients have been sharing the food you supplied with elderly neighbors and kids in need. You are making a huge difference in this difficult time!

In this time of the coronavirus pandemic you’ve also been supplying medical protective gear and disinfectant supplies all around the world, as well as continuing our work in supplying the clean water essential for good health and hygiene.

Thank you again for your heart of love and faithful giving that makes this food distribution possible.

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