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New Business During COVID-19

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Krishna lost her job due to COVID-19 lockdowns in India. As a single parent, it was hard for her to take care of her family and she fell into a lot of debt. She couldn’t find anyone to help her family through their hard times. Consequently, Krishna’s hope began slipping away.

Like so many others all around the world, Krishna’s family faced a desperate situation. But Operation Blessing friends have been reaching out around the world throughout this crisis, providing both crucial supplies, and income earning opportunities.

That’s why Krishna found hope through you! Because of your gifts and prayer support, Operation Blessing set up a mask making business in Krishna’s community. She now spends her days sewing masks to sell to the community. Krishna is keeping others safe from COVID-19 while also earning enough income to care for her family again.

In addition, after our staff saw how hard she worked, you gave Krishna her own sewing machine! She can now work faster and more efficiently to produce many hand-crafted items to be sold. This has significantly increased her income and Krishna has been able to pay back all the debt she owed. Thank you for liberating Krishna following COVID-19 lockdowns and putting her back on her feet! To get involved, visit

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