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Meet Danny and Susan: New Residents of the Community of Hope

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PHILIPPINES- While struggling through the pandemic, Danny’s family lost their place to stay after a devastating typhoon in the Philippines. Danny and his family were living in a domocile that was not thier own. The owner of the property allowed them to stay there in exchange for their care of the land. That all changed when a powerful storm  destroyed their home.

What makes this more tragic is it was another devastating typhoon in the Philippines that destroyed their original home, the one where they lived before the current home. Now they are homeless again.

A New Home After A Devastating Typhoon In The Philippines

The same weather event forced single mother Susan to leave the place her family had found refuge as well. Both Danny and Susan struggled to find the resources required to build a new home

Operation Blessing heard of their struggles, and thanks to friends like you, built these families new homes in our Community of Hope. This community was developed by Operation Blessing after the destructive typhoon displaced several families. 

Along with eight other families who have new homes, Danny and Susan no longer have to worry about where their families will live. 

They have been given a new start and can focus on the future. This would not be possible without the support and prayers of friends like you!

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