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Disaster Kit – Ensure Your Family’s Safety

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

UNITED STATES – Tornado season is upon us in the United States, and hurricane season will follow closely at its heels. Operation Blessing staff, partners, and volunteers stand ready to help those in desperate need. While each year we pray for the best, we also want to make certain that your family is ready for any situation. Be sure to have a family emergency plan, know the early signs of disasters, follow weather updates, and have an emergency disaster preparedness kit.

Prepare Your Disaster Prep Kit

Disaster Preparedness Kit: Place important documents in sealed Ziploc bags and pack emergency supplies in plastic storage bins sealed with duct tape.

• Water—1 gallon per person per day (plus water for pets!)
• Canned Foods – soups, pasta, meats, vegetables, fruits, and can opener
• Nutrient rich snacks like nuts, granola bars, beef jerky, etc.
• Powdered or canned milk, instant coffee, tea, and other drinks
• Crackers, cereals, peanut butter, jelly
• Baby food, formula, and pet food as needed
• Map of your area
• Flashlight with extra bulbs and batteries
• Battery operated TV or radio, lantern, clock and extra batteries
• Plastic garbage bags
• Basic tools—wrench, pliers, scissors, water proof matches, fire extinguisher
• Essential supplies—hygiene items, medications, first aid, baby and pet supplies
• Change of clothes, rain gear, boots
• Sleeping bags and pillows
• Important contact information
• Birth certificates, social security numbers, passports
• Mortgage or rental contracts, insurance information, retirement documents
• List of illnesses, medications, and allergies

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