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Preparing for Disaster During Social Distancing

Social distancing during disasters

UNITED STATES: With hurricane season almost upon us once again, and the US expecting an above average season of storms, we all face new and unusual questions. How do we prepare for hurricanes and other natural disasters during a time of COVID-19 quarantines? How can we practice social distancing rules while still helping those in need? And exactly what sort of social distancing guidelines will apply in a disaster scenario?

Certainly some issues will change in this time of social distancing and pandemic. On one hand, many people have already started storing extra food and supplies for the COVID-19 crisis, which could help.

On the other hand, food could become harder to find. And it could be more difficult for relief workers and volunteers to gather the needed supplies to care for those struck by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Wherever disaster strikes, thanks to the support of amazing faithful friends like you, Operation Blessing stands ready to help those in need. To learn more and find out how you can get involved visit our Disaster Relief page.

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