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Relief for Disaster Victims in Honduras

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Liscy lives with her children in Honduras in the remote community of Las Quebradas. Unfortunately, the need for relief for disaster victims in Honduras remains dire. Her community was still in the process of recovering from recent hurricanes Eta and Iota when tragedy struck again. One afternoon, Liscy’s neighbors began to stir with panic at the sound and feel of the earth shaking. A neighbor raced to a high point in the community to confirm that a nearby hill was collapsing. The man ran down to the community, shouting the news. Liscy and her neighbors immediately fled the area, racing to safety before the hill fully collapsed, burying 14 houses as it fell.

Liscy and her children cannot currently return to their home. Flood waters are still running through her community, making it unlivable. But thanks to you, hope was on its way! You were the answer to so many prayers as you sent relief for disaster victims in Honduras. Operation Blessing Honduras arrived to Liscy’s community with resources to bless those suffering from recent disaster. Bags filled with food, medicines, and first aid supplies were distributed to dozens of families in Las Quebradas. Liscy was so grateful for these supplies to sustain her children as her community begins to recover. Thank you for your heart to see disaster victims cared for around the world! To get involved, visit​.

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