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Morocco Earthquake

Recently, Morocco suffered one of the biggest earthquakes of the last century. Now, many villages are completely devastated. Hope is scarce, but that’s where you come in. With your continued support, Operation Blessing is on the ground right now, working with local partners and volunteers to bring comfort and aid like water, blankets, milk, bread, and other essential supplies after the tragic quake.

Heartbroken disaster survivors need a tremendous outpouring of love and support to make it through these difficult days without homes, businesses, schools, stores, and other essential buildings and supplies. You can help them rebuild their lives. Will you please open your heart and reach out with a special gift for disaster victims today?

Morocco earthquake aid in action as young victims holds a solar lamp

All contributions given for this fundraising campaign will be used to bring relief to people in need who have experienced a disaster and fundraising expenses with up to 10% may be applied to administrative expenses.