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Feeding A Single Mother In Need

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Danielle is a single mother in Georgia fighting for her family amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Before COVID-19 hit the United States, she was living with epilepsy and Grave’s Disease. So when high-risk individuals were recommended to be extra careful, Danielle decided to leave her job in the medical field. She suddenly found herself with no job, no income, and no sight of when the mass lockdown would come to an end. She was struggling to decide whether to pay for electricity or food for her children.

Your Generosity Helped This Georgia Single Mother

But thankfully, Danielle saw a flyer for Operation Blessing partner Destination Church in Blackshear, GA, and her life was changed. Thanks to YOU, Danielle and her family can now regularly visit DC Downtown to receive food supplies while their budget is tight. Thank you for your heart to see a single mother supported in these trying times!

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