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Feeding A Single Mother’s Family in Texas

Field Report by Operation Blessing

BURLESON, TX – Chastity is a single mother living with her two children in Burleson, Texas. The little family loves spending time together, especially outdoors. Before the pandemic, the daunting task of feeding this single mother’s family in Texas was not something she had to worry about on a daily basis. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Chastity’s life turned upside down. Unfortunately the economic struggles of the pandemic would quickly impact this single mother’s family in Texas. “I lost half of my pay,” Chastity told OB staff. “Half of my income for a couple of months! It was very hard trying to make my car payment and trying to keep everything paid by myself.” Bills were piling up, and Chastity began to struggle to feed her kids. As a single mother, she didn’t know where to turn.

But you gave Chastity the help she needed! When Chastity heard about Operation Blessing partner Open Door Church, she knew she had found support. Through your generosity, Open Door Church provided Chastity with a trunk full of groceries. Chastity was overcome when she saw the gift you gave her. “They loaded my car up completely full!” She exclaimed through tears. “I want to thank everyone who gave to Operation Blessing.”

Because of you, Chastity and her children went home knowing they were supported by generous friends all across the country. You can help more families in need by clicking here and coming alongside Operation Blessing. Thank you for supporting us as we bring hunger relief to families at home and around the world!

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