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Feeding Hungry Texans During COVID-19

Field Report by Operation Blessing

The COVID-19 crisis has extended into 2021. The state of Texas and the entire United States still face great challenges. Sadly, feeding hungry Texans is one of many priorities in the Lone Star State. Texas continues to weather a struggling economy carried over from 2020. The new year has brought the same worries and issues as the year before for many families. Hunger and food insecurity are a major concern and no country or state is immune. Thousands of men and women are still trying to find work after being furloughed or let go at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. Now, in 2021, they have still been unable to secure a new source of income. Likewise, the crisis has left many families unable to pay for the most basic resources, like food to put on the table. Feeding hungry Texans is a real issue challenging the people of the state. Rochelle Fletcher, director of The Goodness Project in Texas, saw the tremendous need for hunger relief in her community and immediately sought to help.

 Thanks to YOU, Rochelle and her team at The Goodness Project partnered with Operation Blessing to bring food to these desperate families!

Your kindness provided critical groceries to hungry men, women, and children in Texas. You are serving up hope and security to these families in very uncertain times. Thank you!

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