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Feeding Struggling Grandparents

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Juanita Harris has spent her life caring for her family. For many years she raised her children as a single mother. Then circumstances necessitated that Juanita take in several of her grandchildren. She is now caring of four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. When Juanita met Tim, she was already caring for her grandchildren. When they married, he began caring for them as his own. Their family bond means everything to them.

Even with a dual incomes, sometimes their paychecks would not stretch far enough to cover all the bills. Caring for so many children caused strain on Tim and Juanita’s finances. They found themselves in the role of struggling grandparents. Facing food insecurity, they sometimes had to choose between bills and putting food on the table.

But hope was not lost! Tim and Juanita began receiving groceries from Operation Blessing partner Dayspring Church in Texas. Regular visits to their food distributions sustained Tim and Juanita in their darkest hours. Now Tim has a higher paying job and they rarely have a need for food. But they will never forget your generosity when they needed it most as struggling grandparents. Thank you! To get involved, visit

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