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Fighting Food Insecurity in America with Faith

Field Report by Michael Saks

Deidre and her husband Stacy valued their faith and family above all else. In fact, Stacy wanted to spend more time with his family. He accepted a new job that allowed him to do this. Unfortunately, he soon discovered the job didn’t pay enough to cover their expenses. This is the situation facing far too many families fighting food insecurity in America.

Thankfully, Stacy’s strong faith in God helped him make it through the struggle.  He told us, “I was still trusting God. I was still saying ‘You’re working it out for the good, and I’m trusting You. I am looking for positions. You got this God.’”

Facing Food Insecurity in America

Even though both Stacy and Deidre were working–her full-time as a teacher–they could not pay all their bills. For many, this nightmare of working multiple jobs and still being unable to afford necessities leads to food insecurity. Trapped in the struggle, Deidre and Stacy needed help.

Deidre talked with us about the challenges she and so many Americans face. However, the stress of the situation did not diminish her faith in God. She summed up her patient resolve when she said, “Just making ends meet. Being able to pay bills on time. You know I just kind of trusted that God would provide for us.”

And of course…God did!

God Provides Through You and a Local Partner

That is when Stacey and Deidre discovered an Operation Blessing partner that helps people facing food insecurity. Kingdom Investing Outreach Center helps provide food so families do not have to go without nutritious groceries when they cannot earn enough to pay all their bills. The center is one of multiple hunger relief partners that Operation Blessing supplies with food to help people who cannot afford the basics, and it’s all because of your support.

Stacy was grateful for your generosity. With a full heart Stacy said, “They gave a lot of love. They just make you feel right at home. And I shared this with my family. We were all excited. The kids were excited. It’s a blessing to see they are getting everything they need when it comes to their eating.”

The Need for Nutritious Food

Many American families cannot provide all the food their family needs to be healthy. Your giving and partnership helps to change that, one family at a time. Your dedication helps combat this type of poverty and give hope to so many facing similar circumstances. For Stacy and Deidre it made a huge difference.

And God did not stop there! He also provided a new job for Stacy—a job that is paving the way for a better future.

Deidre and Stacy’s faith has remained strong through the ordeal. She said she’s, “so grateful that there is always hope no matter the situation. God is like, ‘stay focused on me,’ because the God of the universe can do anything.”

need for nutritious food

Partnership Makes This Possible

The fact that you care makes this possible. You are the hands and feet of Christ. Your giving and faithful dedication put food on the table for people who are doing everything they can to survive.

Thank you for making a difference.

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