Bracing For Hurricane Dorian

UPDATE: 9/1/2019

Operation Blessing’s U.S. Disaster Relief Team has been monitoring Hurricane Dorian very closely. This monster storm has been upgraded to a Category 5 hurricane threatening the southern East Coast of the U.S. Coastal residents are bracing for powerful winds, heavy rain, flash flooding, and storm surge. Several of our southern states have declared a state of emergency.

Our advanced team has already deployed with truckloads of food, supplies, equipment, and a shower trailer. They will continue communicating with various local and state emergency officials, church partners, and threatened communities as we prepare for the potential impacts of the storm.


Hurricane Dorian is racing towards the coast of Florida and is projected to make landfall as a powerful category 4 storm. Because of our generous partners, Operation Blessing stands ready to respond to victims in need once the storm has passed. Our convoy of relief vehicles and supplies is in route to the area. They will be pre-staging just out of harm’s way, poised to respond the moment the storm has passed. Help disaster victims today by going to


During times of crisis and disaster victims desperately need your help. Click here to make an online donation today. Your gift can make a huge difference. Thank you for your compassion to bless the hurting.

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