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Food For A Single Mother In Need

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Jen is a single mother in need. Her two sons have always been her number one priority in life. They enjoy spending time together as a family. Several years ago, Jen opened her own property management company. She instantly saw success, bringing in profit for her family. But years later, one of Jen’s major investors backed out. She was forced to close down her business.

Jen was devastated. She all of a sudden found herself unemployed, as she tried to manage her mounting pile of bills. She often had to choose between the electricity bill and feeding her family. Jen was feeling completely overwhelmed.

But, thanks to generous partners like you, Operation Blessing partner Warehouse of Hope in Georgia was able to provide Jen with help in her most desperate hour! Your kindness provided the food for this single mother in need, lining the shelves at Warehouse of Hope. Canned goods, boxed food, and fresh fruits and vegetables were a godsend to Jen. She was able to stock her pantry on a regular basis, providing healthy and nutritious meals for her sons. Jen’s family was so impacted that they eventually began serving at the ministry, blessing other families in need.

Thank you for your heart to see mothers like Jen cared for! She is now working a new job in finance, motivated by your kindness when she needed it the most. Your love makes all the difference as you work to break the cycle of suffering  and provide help for those in need. 

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