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Food for Struggling Father In Costa Rica During COVID-19

Field Report by Operation Blessing

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Costa Rica into a mandatory quarantine. Because of this, many businesses have closed their doors and laid off their employees. This includes Adrian, a young husband and father. Adrian used to work as a cabinet-maker, and made a good wage to support his family. Then, he got laid off without pay a week before Easter. Adrian has been without work ever since, and the family’s financial situation was starting to get dire. He tried to make what he could selling vegetables, but it wasn’t enough. The bills were piling up, and food was becoming scarce. Thankfully, Operation Blessing’s gracious friends came to the rescue just in time. Through your generosity, Operation Blessing staff in Costa Rica prepared nutritious food packages for Adrian and his family. The family received the food with joy, and Adrian expressed his thankfulness for your support.

Thank you for supporting Operation Blessing through these uncertain times. Stories like Adrian’s would be impossible without your help. To learn more about Operation Blessing’s hunger relief program, click here.

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