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A Weight Lifted : You Give Hope to a Struggling Mother in Need

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

VIRGINIA – As a single mother to three children between the ages of 9 and 13, Aimee does her best to provide for her family. But money can get tight. Two of her children have autism, requiring frequent appointments with doctors. This makes it hard for Aimee to maintain a steady job. Keeping up with numerous medical visits plus hefty household bills and food costs proves a real challenge for Aimee.  Mothers like Aimee often face food insecurity in Virginia. A condition where access to food can be limited by financial strain.

“You just never have money for anything,” Aimee said. “You’re always trying to look to pay that bill. Being a single mother is really hard. Just me and my kids. I try to do the best that I can for them.”  

Bearing the burden of her family’s well-being all on her own, at times Aimee didn’t know what she would do. “You just have to keep the food on the table—and the lights on and the gas and the water,” she said. “Everything comes crumbling down sometimes, and you just don’t know where to go. It’s really tough and hard. You want to do everything for them, and sometimes you just don’t have it.”  


Food Bank To Battle Food Insecurity In Virginia

In the midst of Aimee’s despair, your love provided a ray of hope when she and her family needed it most. Aimee discovered Jonathan Cares, a distribution partner of Operation Blessing in Virginia. Every month, the organization receives groceries from Operation Blessing’s warehouse. To battle food insecurity in Virginia, they distribute to community members in need, and it’s made possible by the faithful support of partners like you!   

For Aimee, the help could not have come at a better time, and it brought her peace of mind.  

“It feels like a weight’s lifted off. It feels like I can provide and be that mother that can give the kids other things instead of worrying about groceries and worrying about where’s their next meal coming from,” Aimee said. “My kids love everything that they offer. They feel good. They’re like, ‘Mom, I can go in there and get some food now!’”  

Aimee’s oldest daughter, Angel, is grateful for the fresh groceries her family receives. “It’s usually fruits, vegetables, and meat, and everything I like! It makes me feel marvelous and excited. … Thank you for making sure that I have food in my belly at night. And in the morning! And at lunch,” she said with laughter.  

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