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Gifts that Keep on Giving

Field Report by Operation Blessing

KENYA – Like the bright morning sun’s rays at dawn, Dora’s smile is bright and warm, her handshake firm, her hug motherly and reassuring. It’s hard to tell all that Dora has been through in her life, but she’s also received many priceless gifts.

As a mother of seven, Dora has single-handedly done everything possible to provide for her family. She has no education, so finding a job has been a challenge. And without land to farm, her family’s fortune depended solely on her ability to find casual work, which was hard for an aging woman with few skills.

“I did not have the opportunity to go to school because during our times girls were not allowed to go to school. Girls stayed home to help their mothers and to learn to become wives. Because sooner than later, they would be married off,” Dora said.

Whenever she went out to search for work and found none, she dreaded the look of despair she would find on her children’s faces. “There is nothing more saddening than returning home to your hungry children empty handed. It broke my heart, but what could I do? I only prayed to God and waited,” Dora said.

Not only did Dora not have enough food or money to take care of her family, they had no water in her village. Whenever she wasn’t out looking for work, she trekked many miles through dangerous terrain full of wild animals for water. What she managed to carry back was hardly enough for her family and their few goats to drink.

“I do not wish my children to go through the problems I have been in life, so I am always praying to God to help me take all my children to school. It’s not easy, but I have faith, and now Operation Blessing is here!”

Because of your generous gifts, today Dora and her family have a lot to be thankful for. Her bright infectious smile tells of the miracles they’ve experienced.

Several years back, your faithfulness allowed Operation Blessing to build a school in her remote village of Sompet right next to her home. This made it possible for her younger children to attend preschool, where they learned for free, got a snack, and ate a healthy meal each day.

Dora received the gifts of farming and raising chickens.

You also sent abundant clean water right to her village through a new well. “It’s incredible that just a few years ago, we would go for days without bathing. Our goats would go without water. But now, we can drink clean water, wash and bathe as many times as we want! God is great!” She laughed as she shared her story.

But you didn’t stop the gifts there. Operation Blessing provided Dora with a plot of land to farm as well as seeds and supplies, so she could grow crops to sustain her family. She’s also part of our poultry project, which generates both food and income. Now her family has plenty to eat and doesn’t have to worry about going hungry.

You’ve given Dora the best gifts of all, the gifts that keeps on giving—the opportunity to advance in life through hard work! Dora said, “I can’t thank God enough. I can’t thank Operation Blessing enough for everything you have done for my family. I don’t know what I would have done without your help and kindness. May God truly bless you!”

*Field Report by OB Kenya Media Manager, Tim Wainaina

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