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A Happy, Healthy Life in Peru

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PERU – Access to clean water is crucial for a happy and healthy life. And we’re thrilled to share the compassion and generosity from friends like you who have opened the door to that happier life for villagers in Osocco. A life with access to drinkable water in Peru.

For too long, the residents of Osocco struggled to find access to drinkable water that was safe to consume. They had to rely on shallow wells filled with contaminated water for many of their needs, and they had to walk over 40 minutes to a nearby village to find water somewhat suitable for drinking.

Sweet 4-year-old Yareli experienced firsthand the struggles caused by a lack of clean water. Once, she accidentally drank contaminated well water and became sick with a painful stomach infection. When asked what she wanted most for her village, Yareli simply said, “I want clean water.” We heard her plea—and held a special campaign to raise the funds to provide water for her whole community.

Access To Drinkable Water In Osocco, Peru

Thanks to the support of compassionate friends like you, Yareli and her neighbors no longer have to worry about access to drinkable water that is safe and clean. With your help, we built a clean water system right within Osocco village, providing 28 families with the blessing of drinkable water piped directly to their homes. Children like Yareli have been rescued from the struggles caused by a lack of safe water. Families now have the opportunity to work and play with a smile because they know a refreshing drink is never more than a few steps away.

Faithful partners also made it possible to build bathrooms at the villagers’ homes—complete with handwashing stations, biodigester toilets, and showers. And you helped provide training about good health and hygiene for this community.

Seventy-nine-year-old Cayetana had suffered through carrying water long, hard distances for years, but not anymore! “I don’t have enough words to say thank you to the friends that donated this amazing blessing—water, and pretty bathrooms. We won’t have to cry of sadness anymore, but we’ll cry of joy because we finally have these two things essential for living. Thank you so much.”

Today, the precious villagers and children of Osocco have good reason to celebrate! They are thriving like never before— because of love and support from friends like you. Thank you for recognizing the priceless value of clean water and helping to make such a positive difference in their lives.

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