The team prays as Operation Blessing sends relief to the Dayton tornado victims.

Sending Help to Dayton Tornado Victims

The team prays as Operation Blessing sends relief to the Dayton tornado victims.

OHIO, USA – Following a string of deadly tornadoes, thanks to our faithful supporters, Operation Blessing has quickly deployed to the devastated area of Dayton, Ohio.

During one of the worst months on record for tornadoes in the U.S., Monday evening, a dense pack of destructive twisters swept through Ohio and Indiana, sadly leaving at least one victim dead. One of the hardest hit areas was Dayton, Ohio, where a powerful EF-4 tornado tore away roofs, flattened homes and businesses, and left the area looking like a war zone.

Damage from tornado in Dayton, Ohio.

Operation Blessing sprang immediately into action, sending a preliminary team to assess the damage. Today we’ll be deploying our Mobile Command Center and a disaster relief trailer filled with tools and equipment to the Dayton area.

In the meantime, our assessment team is meeting with local officials as well as community and church leaders to see how we can best serve tornado victims and to choose our base of operations.

An Operation Blessing truck deploying to Dayton, Ohio.

Whenever disaster strikes, like the Dayton Tornado, you send light into the darkest places and hope to those in desperate need. Be sure to check back on how our Operation Blessing friends like you are making a difference with Dayton tornado relief.


During times of crisis and disaster victims desperately need your help. Click here to make an online donation today. Your gift can make a huge difference. Thank you for your compassion to bless the hurting.

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  1. Dayle Cantu

    Celina, Ohio was hit pretty bad too. They were finally getting things back to normal after have a tornado damage their town 5 yrs ago. Please send help here too.

  2. Donald Krot

    Preacher don would like to provide men to go to Dayton as early as tomorrow to provide clean up and home repairs all will have ability to do carpentry plumbing and other manual labor skills where do we go and have the team leader contact me at 248 835 0959 and [email protected] waiting patiently for you direction

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