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A Helping Hand for Slidell Tornado Victims

Field Report by Operation Blessing

LOUISIANA – After a sudden twister tore through their town, Slidell tornado victims were forced to deal with the damage. Residents like Linda recounted the helpless feelings she and her husband felt. “I would just love to walk away and not look back,” she said. They needed friends like you to offer help and hope in their time of need.

Though Linda and her husband were unharmed by the storm, their property took a beating. Large fallen trees and debris littered their yard. As retirees, the couple didn’t know what to do. “My gosh, how are we gonna get through this?” Linda thought.

Providing Support for Slidell Tornado Victims

But Operation Blessing supporters like you didn’t let Linda and her husband deal with this burden alone! You sent a team of hardworking staff and volunteers to clean up their property. The team got to work clearing heavy debris from their yard, restoring hope for the couple. “I bawled,” said Linda with tears in her eyes. “They have a good name, Operation Blessing, because that’s what they are. They are our heroes!” Thank you for showing love to Slidell tornado victims like Linda and her husband.

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You Can Help Disaster Victims!

More people still desperately need help, and you can be a lifeline for them. Partner with us to help the hurting. When disaster strikes, your partnership makes all the difference. To support disaster survivors, visit

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