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Flood Relief: Helping Kentucky Homeowners

Field Report by Operation Blessing

KENTUCKY – Brenda, her daughter Deborah, and her granddaughter Kara in Shelby Gap, Kentucky, all suffered during the recent floods. All three of their homes sit on the same property where four generations live together. Thanks to you, we’re on the ground helping Kentucky homeowners like this precious family.

During historic flooding across eastern Kentucky in July, their property was devastated. Brenda, an 89-year-old widow, shared how around 3:30 a.m. she was awakened by her grandson. He told her to leave immediately due to the flood waters that had risen to her windows.

They quickly hopped in their cars and drove across the street to higher elevation. From there they watched in horror as their homes were ravaged by the raging waters. At first glance, Brenda and Kara’s homes looked completely unsalvageable. Brenda felt overwhelmed. Since then, the family has been forced to split up and live in separate temporary homes. It’s been incredibly difficult for the children to be separated from their siblings.

Blessing for Flood Victims

Operation Blessing volunteer teams are helping these homeowners remove damaged furniture and take apart their ruined deck. They’re working to salvage these homes after all. With your help, we’re also giving them essential cleaning supplies, emergency meal kits, and water. The Kelly family expressed their gratitude to Operation Blessing partners and volunteers for showing up in their time of need. Together, we can continue helping Kentucky homeowners throughout their journey to recovery.

Please keep them in your prayers. And consider giving a special gift to disaster victims today at

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