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Life-Changing Surgery For Andy!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PERU – Andy is 7-years old and lives with his family. From first glance you would never know he needs hernia surgery in Peru. In many ways, he is much like every other boy at his school. He enjoys running and playing with his friends outside. Unfortunately, all is not what it seems. Sadly, Andy has a condition that holds him back. A severe hernia has caused years of pain for him.

Accordingly, he often must cut his playtime short, as long periods of activity cause him extreme pain. While other friends his age keep playing, Andy is only able to sit and watch in pain. As a result of the condition, Andy’s father has witnessed his son suffer with this affliction. His heart hurts for his son, seeing he is unable to thrive like a young boy should.

Andy’s Father Struggled To Get Him Help

Andy’s father tried to find ways to get his son the hernia surgery in Peru that he needs. Likewise, Andy’s father sought medical intervention through Peru’s social medicine program, but to no avail. With no other financial means to have Andy’s condition looked at, frustration began to set in. Consequently, his father began to lose hope, overwhelmed by the struggle to get his son the medical procedure he needed.

But thanks to you, hope was not lost! When Operation Blessing Peru heard of Andy’s hernia condition, they travelled to his home to deliver good news. The good news was that our generous partners would pay for his procedure! Andy underwent hernia surgery and now runs and plays without pain. Thank you for your kindness. Because of you, Andy and others like him all over the world are being healed from their infirmities. You have given Andy a bright hope in the future and brought joy to his father. Thank you!

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