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Providing Hope for Barb During COVID-19

Field Report by Operation Blessing

BYRON CENTER, Mich. – Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, Barb Wetherbee was dealing with a health crisis. Barb has dealt with diverticulosis for several years, and has had several surgeries. She struggles to support herself. But even after her disability check arrives, Barb cannot afford the necessities. “Finances are tight, and bills piling up. It was a struggle. I was starving, and said ‘I need help!'” Barb told OB staff. The combination of a persistent medical condition, hunger, and the impact of a pandemic could cause anyone to lose hope during COVID-19.

But thankfully, one of Barb’s neighbors told her about OB partner Buist Community Assistance Center. There, Barb receives the groceries she needs to not only survive, but thrive. And thanks to your generosity, the food bank’s shelves are fully stocked. “We were starting to run out of dry goods, and it was when the Operation Blessing truck pulled in that we were able to restock those resources that were running low,” said a Buist volunteer. And thanks to those full shelves, Barb goes home with abundant food. “They load my trunk, and that’s a huge relief for me!” Barb exclaimed.

All this is thanks to your incredible generosity through the uncertain times. Because of you, people like Barb have the food they desperately need as well as hope during COVID-19. Click here to aid with Operation Blessing’s COVID-19 response. And to support hungry families like Barb’s, click here. Thank you and God Bless.

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