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Human Trafficking

Most people think of slavery as something that ended centuries ago. Unfortunately, human trafficking – modern-day slavery – not only exists, it’s thriving. Every day, men, women and children are being trafficked into forced labor or sexual exploitation. Through prevention, intervention and restoration, Operation Blessing is working hard to stop human trafficking. The human toll from these evil activities is vast. But with your help, we’re making a real difference.


From prevention to rescue missions, Operation Blessing is fighting human trafficking in nations all across the globe by:

  • Funding efforts in Cambodia that provide victims with legal counsel and recovery services.
  • Launching the first ever 24-hour “underground” hotline for victims in Latin America to call for counseling and rescue.
  • Educating children and parents on how to recognize warning signs, report cases of abuse and obtain assistance from authorities when needed.
  • Aiding rescue teams that are liberating girls as they are being transported from one country to another.
  • Distributing education packets containing human trafficking prevention materials and resources to middle and high school students.
  • Partnering with organizations and programs focused on helping victims restore their lives.
  • Providing poverty-stricken families with agricultural and microenterprise programs that allow vulnerable children to stay safe at home and off the streets.

Join Operation Blessing and become part of the fight to end human trafficking. Find out how you can get involved and bring hope to the hurting today!


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  • How are you working to prevent child trafficking?
    Through increased awareness, training, advocacy and collaboration, Operation Blessing is helping children and teens avoid becoming victims of human trafficking. Traffickers often use deception to lure their victims, so telling people about the typical tricks and lies that may signal danger is a powerful tactic. OBI’s 1A1 (One at a Time) project specifically addresses this through the distribution of educational packets to middle and high school students throughout Latin America. The packets contain materials and resources, including a DVD documentary produced by OBI and partners, about trafficking prevention and how to get help if you become a victim.
  • What are you doing to actively help victims?
    OBI supports a number of intervention programs in places throughout Latin America, India and Nepal. These programs range from supporting border stations that rescue girls who are being abused, trafficked, and engaged in forced labor to launching the first ever 24-hour “underground” hotline in Latin America where victims can call for counseling and rescue—fully staffed and administered by OBI employees and volunteers.
  • What resolution services do you provide?
    Throughout Latin America and Asia, Operation Blessing is partnering with a number of shelters, organizations and programs to help victims restore their lives. Types of services provided for victims include education, health services, life skills training in areas such as cosmetology and sewing, and assistance finding employment.