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Fighting Hunger Around the Globe

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

WORLDWIDE – Worldwide hunger is on the rise due to famine, natural disasters, economic slowdowns, and violent conflicts. But your gifts to Operation Blessing are fighting hunger around the globe.

Food Scarcity

In America, Operation Blessing’s Hunger Strike Force and Project Lunchbox ensure that children, families, and others have the food they need during difficult times. Small business opportunities, poultry projects, and community gardens provided by OBI throughout Latin America break the cycle of poverty and supply food for those in need. In Haiti, Peru, and Kenya, thanks to you, school children receive nutritious meals to help them grow healthy and strong.

When famine strikes in Africa, Operation Blessing delivers much needed supplies to those desperate for relief. In Nepal, children who were once forced into working long hours are now nourished, housed, and educated. And in the area of Galilee in Israel, an OBI-sponsored food truck helps ensure food security for the poor in the community. During times of disaster including hurricanes in Puerto Rico, floods in Japan, earthquakes in Mexico, and volcanoes in Guatemala, you send food, water, and other vital supplies to the hurting.

And these are just a few examples of how you are fighting hunger each and every day. During this Thanksgiving season, we offer our sincere thanks for your faithful support.

An infographic about worldwide hunger statistics.

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