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You Provided Hunger Relief for Flood Victims

Field Report by Operation Blessing

BRAZIL – As waters are receding in the flooded neighborhoods of Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, families are just beginning their long journey of recovery—a journey marked with challenges and food scarcity. As families return to decimated neighborhoods and homes, your commitment to providing hunger relief for flood victims means so much.

Local mother Ana has returned to her home with her family after spending weeks in a shelter. Like so many others, her concerns immediately turned to how she would feed her family. She told us, “I had to trash a lot of things, including everything I had left in the fridge. What little things I had were taken out of the house.”

helping hungry flood victims in Brazil

Food Boxes Help Provide Essentials to Brazilian Flood Victims

Because of the generous support of friends like you, Operation Blessing has been packing and distributing food boxes filled with items that can sustain a family for a week. Ana said, “It helps a lot. This food box has all of the basics that will help me out a lot. My children and husband like rice and beans the most, so they can eat what they like.”

making a difference for flood survivors in Brazil

Hunger Relief for Flood Victims Is Critical

Grazi Pereira is another flood survivor in Brazil. Now, families like Grazi’s can keep up their strength as they navigate this difficult time. She said, “The donations we’re receiving right now are so important, crucial even. Your generosity ends up helping us see a little light at the end of the tunnel.”

Operation Blessing is still in Brazil hearing amazing stories like this because of your generosity. This support is so valuable because it means we can continue caring for the people surviving disaster. Grazi said, “We thank Operation Blessing so much. All the help we’ve received is important, not just for us, but all of the families in need.”

Ana said, “If I could speak to the donors, I would thank them very much. May God bless you for giving. It’s so heartwarming to receive help from people all over the world, because sometimes we can feel forgotten. So, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.” Thank you for having such a heart of generosity.

Grazie Pereira Brazil flood survivor

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