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Reaching Out to Hurricane Eta Victims in Latin America

Field Report by Operation Blessing

LATIN AMERICA – Just when we hoped hurricane season was finally wrapping up, category 4 storm Hurricane Eta smashed into Central America, causing severe damage. Currently, it continues to circle the Gulf of Mexico and remains a threat to the region.

Hurricane Damage

Although it first made landfall in Nicaragua, the storm continued to ravage a number of other nations. In addition to powerful winds, Eta brought with it massive rainfall, triggering floods and landslides. For example, in Costa Rica, some areas suffered this rain for 72 hours. Those living along waterways, in particular, have faced dangerous flooding, and at least 2 people have died. Over 1,400 Costa Ricans needed to evacuate their homes. Likewise, many have evacuated in Honduras and Guatemala, as well.

Fleeing the storm.

Relief on the Way

Thankfully, Operation Blessing has active teams on the ground in Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

Because of your ongoing support, we were able to quickly begin reaching out to Hurricane Eta victims. Our teams are working alongside local governments and organizations to bring relief. We’re collecting and distributing desperately needed supplies like sleeping mats, bedding, hygiene kits, diapers, food, and clean water.

Hurricane Eta disaster relief supplies.

The people of these countries have a long way to go in rebuilding. But because of you, Operation Blessing is able to reach out to them with emergency relief, long term aid, and most importantly, hope.

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