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Hurricane Ian Threatens the Gulf Coast of Florida

Field Report by Carolyn Fraiser

**UPDATE 9/30/22 – Our disaster relief team is officially on the move and delivering vital supplies to help hurricane victims in hard-hit areas like Naples, Florida!

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UPDATE 9/29/22: Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida as a catastrophic category 4 storm, about 90 miles south of Tampa near Caya Costa, but wreaking havoc over much of Florida’s southwestern coast. Storm surges reportedly reached as high as 18 feet as buildings were flattened and houses washed away. Hundreds are feared dead. Please keep Florida in your prayers! Operation Blessing is on standby in Florida and ready to move into the hard-hit areas as soon as possible with vital disaster aid for victims in need.

UPDATE 9/28/22: Hurricane Ian has strengthened! It’s still barreling toward the western coast of Florida, officially as a category 4 storm with destructive winds and giant storm surges. The powerful center of the storm will make landfall soon, just south of Tampa. However, most of the state will be impacted due to the massive size. During any hurricane we can expect flooding, downed trees loss of power, damaged homes and businesses, and worse. But a category 4 hurricane can completely decimate a city, leaving devastation that looks like a bomb struck it. Please keep them in your prayers!**

FLORIDA – An Operation Blessing disaster response team has already been deployed to Florida with emergency supplies and equipment as Hurricane Ian approaches the Gulf Coast. According to forecasts, the storm could hit the Gulf Coast of Florida with as high as a Category 4 storm surge, along with strong winds and heavy rainfall.

“It’s important to point out to folks that the path of this is still uncertain,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “The impacts will be broad throughout the state of Florida.”

Staying Ahead of Hurricane Ian

We are moving out in advance of powerful Hurricane Ian. Our team will be setting up at our warehouse in Ocala, Florida, so they will be ready to respond to storm damage at a moment’s notice – wherever it is most needed along the Gulf Coast. We are already in contact with pastors and relief partners throughout the area to continue to prepare for Hurricane Ian’s landfall later this week. Survivors will need food, water, supplies, encouragement, and assistance with repairs.

As we strive to stay ahead of this destructive storm, we want to be ready for whatever might come our way. You can help! You can join us in providing much-needed assistance to disaster victims.

With the help of partners like you, we have also been on the ground in Puerto Rico, helping residents recover after the devastation that Hurricane Fiona left in its wake last week. Our team is providing disaster relief like food, solar lamps, clean water support, and encouragement that so many need during their darkest hours.

Please pray in the days ahead for our team and those in the path of Hurricane Ian that God will weaken the storm. Let’s stand together, so that no one has to face storms like Hurricane Ian alone. Give a special gift to help disaster victims now.

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