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Coming Alongside an Elderly Widow in Louisiana

Field Report by Operation Blessing

LOUISIANA – Residents along the Gulf Coast have begun to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Ida devastated their communities. From big cities to small towns, the storm left millions impacted. Homes were damaged, belongings swept away, and lives lost. As thousands have just recently regained power after the storm, the Hurricane Ida cleanup begins.

Dorothy, an elderly widow who lives alone, has never seen anything like Hurricane Ida. Although she had lived in her home in Louisiana for 30 years, the strength of this storm left Dorothy shaken.

After it passed, she suddenly faced the reality of the destruction left behind. She had lost her power, her roof, and so many of her precious keepsakes. With only her grandson to offer support, Dorothy felt overwhelmed and desperate for help.

Cleanup After Hurricane Ida

That’s when your love arrived. Because you care, Operation Blessing had already pre-staged in Louisiana to support Hurricane Ida victims as soon as the storm passed.

Your generosity provided ice, water, food, cleaning supplies, and other resources to Dorothy in the days following Hurricane Ida. You also supported volunteers dedicated to Hurricane Ida cleanup. These faithful workers helped clear out debris, tarped her roof, and removed damaged materials from her yard.

As Dorothy presses on, she rests in the relief offered by your kindness. Thank you. To learn how you can get involved, visit

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