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Hygiene Supply Kits Help Brazilian Flood Survivors

Field Report by Operation Blessing

BRAZIL – After hearing about the horrific floods that have completely submerged cities in the southern part of Rio Grande Del Sol, Brazil, Operation Blessing has started creating hygiene supply kits. These kits are indispensable as many families have lost all of their possessions beneath the murky flood waters.

flooding hygiene supplies

Hygiene Supply Kit And Chlorine

In addition to this hygiene supply kit, we are providing chlorine that we have produced. One tragic consequence of mass flooding is the irrevocable damage it does to houses, schools, and businesses. Hundreds of thousands of homes in Brazil have been completely submerged in sewage and contaminated water. Residents will need to clean and disinfect whatever can be salvaged.

We are supplying these resources to people in the most affected communities in the south of Brazil. Here we met Rosane, an elderly woman whose home experienced much damage. She said, “The house is full of mud. Everything was destroyed. We just took clothes from the closet and put them in trash bags.” She continued, “The [OB] staff brought gloves and supplies. We worked together, and everyone helped.” While many of Rosane’s possessions are destroyed, Operation Staff and volunteers are there to lend a helping hand. 

delivering supplies to Brazilian flood victims

Your Generosity Is Helping Brazilians Recover

Because of the generosity of friends like you, Rosane and her family received cleaning materials and hygiene kits. She said, “Some of things we lost, we can’t even buy as there isn’t an open store. Everything you gave us is very important; toilet paper, soap, we need on a daily basis.” She continued, “We’re grateful for Operation Blessing, they are helping a lot of people. We need you to keep donating, because everything is useful. We have a lot to be thankful for and all help is welcome.”

helping brazil flood survivors

Thank You For Your Continued Support

With your support and with contributions, we will be able to bless even more disaster victims and offer more of these essential supplies, along with comfort, encouragement, and hope. Thank you.

Brazil flood cleanup

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