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Fresh Start for Local Artisans in Peru

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PERU- Indigenous communities such as Manacamiri and Padre Cocha are home to dozens of artisans with great potential for entrepreneurship in handicrafts. For generations, they have survived by dedicating their lives to agriculture, fishing, and handicraft creation.

Sadly, however, many do not have all the materials they need to create their handicrafts. These handicrafts are important because their sale helps provide extra income for impoverished Peruvian families. When local artisans can’t produce or sell these wares, it negatively impacts them. Some face food insecurity and even go hungry since they can’t provide enough. 

Income for Peruvian Families

For years, these communities wished to be part of a project that promotes new crafting techniques for their products, in addition to being recognized as a formal association. Thanks to generous friends like you, Operation Blessing started a community project for the artisans of Manacamiri and Padre Cocha in Peru.

Technical workshops were developed to improve the skill level and knowledge base of local artists. In the workshops, artists learned how to make products using new techniques. The added income from these improved products brings more income for Peruvian families and makes all the difference to their well being. 

Each artisan also received tools and materials to continue working. And they were registered to be able to sell as vendors and compete in competitions. These blessings have made all the difference in providing income for Peruvian families. It’s not just extra income, but essentially provides hunger relief and prevents food insecurity.

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