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2021 Indonesia Earthquake – Operation Blessing Friends Respond

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

INDONESIA – Not long ago, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in the early morning hours, sending thousands fleeing from their beds. Over the next days as the dust cleared, 84 people were found dead, over 300 seriously injured, and approximately 30,000 residents were displaced from their homes. 

In addition, the quake and over 39 aftershocks caused significant damage to homes, businesses, roads, and other infrastructures in the area. This left the people of Sulawesi in desperate need of help, and Operation Blessing friends like you responded to their cries.  

Thanks to your support, we quickly sprang to action, preparing for a massive effort to offer relief to those affected by the earthquake. Fortunately, our Indonesian branch, Obor Berkat, was already on the ground and able to respond. We reached out to the Indonesia earthquake victims with food, hygiene kits, and medical care.  

indonesia earthquake victims

Disaster Relief For Earthquake Victims 

Remy was one of the many Indonesia earthquake victims to receive aid thanks to your compassion. This 56-year-old worked as a cookie seller. She told us that she was sleeping when the earthquake suddenly struck and shook her awake. Next, everything went black as the electricity died. She tried to run from her house but struggled to find her way in the dark. When she finally found the door, it wouldn’t open due to the damage from the quake. She screamed for help for a long time, afraid she would die trapped her home. Finally, someone heard her cries and helped her escape.  

She shared with us that the earthquake badly damaged her house, and she’d had nothing to eat for days. Then, thanks to your generous support, Operation Blessing workers handed out food packets and hygiene kits to Remy and her neighbors. She was so happy to receive the help! You also provided medical exams and care to victims of the quake. 

Remy gives glory to God for her escape from death. She’s thankful to God and to you for helping her through this difficult time. 


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