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A Season of Growth for Indonesian Chili Farmers Thanks to You

Field Report by Operation Blessing

INDONESIA – Working in the agriculture industry can bring a great harvest, or it can be filled with insurmountable challenges and pitfalls. Countless variables have to come together just right in order for crops to flourish. Natural factors beyond our control such as the weather, grade of soil, and animals looking for a snack—combined with other challenges like lack of proper tools and poor economic standing—can all interfere with the quality of the harvest for an Indonesian chili farmer.

Indonesian Chili Farmers in remote areas are all too familiar with these challenges. However, thanks to your dedication to helping people in vulnerable communities, a group of farmers in Indonesia recently received the needed support to significantly improve their crops.

Mr. Radianus is a chili farmer in the rural community of Bawamataluo. His crop provided his primary source of income. Needless to say, when his harvest didn’t produce a high yield, he was devastated. He grew desperate for his situation to change.

Thankfully, Operation Blessing heard about his dilemma and knew how to help. Because of your generosity, Mr. Radianus and other chili pepper farmers in similar situations were given quality seedlings and new farming equipment to get their crops going strong. As the seedlings grew, so did their hope for the future.

Helping Indonesian chili farmers

Training for Indonesian Chili Farmers

In addition to seeds and tools, you provided the farmers with training on how to nurture the crop to help improve the yield at harvest time. We also moved the gardening location of Mr. Radianus and the group to a secure spot, where the farmers could look out for each other.

A fresh start was exactly what Mr. Radianus needed. Now that he’s in a safer location, equipped with new tools and expanded knowledge, his crop flourished, and he reported that his income increased. He and the other farmers are planning to expand their crops soon.

Operation Blessing’s support of the farmers is one example of how you empower others through microenterprise. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and we’re so grateful that you help make these miracles happen.

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