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Iowa Tornado Destruction: Greenfield Devastated by EF4 Twister

Field Report by Operation Blessing

IOWA – In late May 2024, the small town of Greenfield, Iowa, faced the wrath of a catastrophic EF4 tornado. The powerful twister quickly battered the community. All that remains is a trail of debris. The scattered remnants of homes littering the ground provide a clear, yet startling, picture of the severity of the storm. In the aftermath, the community must salvage what they can and prepare to face an uncertain future.

Firsthand Account of Iowa Tornado Destruction

Local resident Patricia recounted the terrifying ordeal. “We were in the living room playing a game and we turned on the weather radio. And it said that we had a tornado warning. So, we all went to the basement. Then we heard the sirens, and then all of a sudden we lost power, and it got really dark.”

She continued, “I remember jumping and screaming. And I was so scared. I was crying. And then we came upstairs, and we saw the house, and we were just sick to our stomachs.” After the deadly storm, families were left reeling from the destruction.

Patricia said, “There were a lot of places where their houses were destroyed. People were cleaning up and just checking to see if we were okay, and we were checking to see if they were okay.”

Iowa tornado relief

Operation Blessing Responds

With the generous support of friends like you, Operation Blessing’s disaster relief team deployed to Greenfield right away and is already on the ground assessing the immediate needs of these families. Patricia said, “I’m glad that Operation Blessing came today. And I’m just so blessed.”

Supporting Iowa Tornado Recovery Efforts

Operation Blessing is committed to standing with families as they recover from this devastating Iowa tornado. With your continued support, we can help families like Patricia’s take their first steps towards rebuilding. Thank you again for your incredible kindness. Your generosity is helping people in dire need.

Iowa tornado damage

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