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“It’s Awful.” Stories from War-Torn Ukraine

Field Report by Operation Blessing

POLAND – Operation Blessing teams are on the ground in Poland near the Ukraine border, ready to receive Ukrainian families with open arms. Thanks to your generosity, Operation Blessing staff members are working to distribute critical supplies like bottled water, food, and hygiene kits to desperate families. Our staff was able to talk with some families who are fleeing war-torn Ukraine.

Nadiezhda, which means “hope”, is a young mother of two children, Ilia, 9, and Mariana, 5. She and her children are fleeing Ukraine. Nadiezhda’s husband stayed behind to fight in the war, so she is alone with her kids.

“I put my hope in God that he will give peace and protect our country,” she told Operation Blessing staff. “Thank you for your help, for prayers. Thank you that you are welcoming us, this is very precious and important at a time like this.”

Victims Of War-Torn Ukraine

Hasmik, a woman from the Kyiv area, is fleeing Ukraine after hiding from the bombs for 10 days. She and her family took shelter in the basement of their apartment building, only leaving for food. But after the apartment’s administrative building was hit, they decided to leave. “I thought, at this moment, we died. Really,” she said. “People need peace. They can’t sleep. They have small kids. It’s awful. War is awful.”

Because of your support, Operation Blessing is actively working to bring aid and relief to crisis victims affected by the war in Ukraine. Visit to learn how you can come alongside Operation Blessing to help victims in need. And as always, please continue to keep Ukraine in your prayers.

In the words of Nadiezhda, “At this moment we need prayer for peace in Ukraine.” Thank you and God Bless.

Again, to help crisis victims visit

Learn more about Operation Blessing’s outreach to Ukraine.

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