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Ukraine Refugees Carried on Wings of Joy

Field Report by Kamaren Holloway

UKRAINE – It might be hard to imagine a source of joy for Ukraine refugees in the midst of war and tragedy. But you make it possible!

Marina is one of millions of people displaced by the recent conflict in Ukraine. Like so many, she and her husband have had to face the heart-rending choice of leaving their beloved country behind to protect their children.

However, this Christian family is committed to reaching out in compassion to their fellow Ukrainians during their darkest hours. And they carried that passion to Poland. Generous partners like you made it possible for them to both feed their children and give food to hungry refugees they met along the way.


Operation Blessing and our partner organizations are uniquely positioned to distribute  vital food and aid to fleeing Ukrainians. We also continue sending truckloads of aid to those who remain in the war torn country. Your love greeted refugees like Marina at the border with warm food, essential supplies, and a place to lay their heads. You have provided true joy for Ukraine refugees during this difficult time. 

You have offered critical support to families like Marina’s for months now, and with your help, we can continue to extend a lifeline to them.  

We are asking our faithful supporters to continue reaching out with kindness and compassion to Ukrainian refugees so they can find what they need the very most at this traumatic time—hope.    

Their needs will last long after the war is over as people begin rebuilding their lives either inside or outside of their homeland. It means the world to Ukrainians to see that there are people out there committed to helping them for the long run. Will you extend a helping hand to them today? And please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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