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Kenya Cataract Surgery: Restoring Hope For Mchodey

Field Report by Michael Saks

KENYA – In the remote villages of Kenya, access to medical care is limited, and Mchodey’s world was shrouded in darkness. For more than two agonizing years. Mchodey struggled with cataracts in both eyes, blocking the light and stealing her independence. Little did she know that the gift of Kenya cataract surgery would change her life in immeasurable ways.

suffering from cataracts

A Life in Shadows: Mchodey’s Struggle

Once, Mchodey was an active member of her community. With normal eyesight, she could tend to chores and care for her family without difficulty. However, when cataracts stole her vision, her world came crashing down. Even basic tasks like fetching water or attending to livestock became insurmountable challenges. She felt helpless and isolated.

sad over lost vision

The Depths of Despair: Battling Blindness

Blindness engulfed Mchodey. Unable to navigate the world around her, she was confined to the darkness of her home, dependent upon others for even her most basic needs. Mchodey’s heart felt heavy. She had lost all hope.

A Beacon of Hope: Operation Blessing’s Intervention

Amidst Mchodey’s darkest hour, friends like you were there. Thanks to your support, Operation Blessing was able to send a dedicated medical team to her village, where we offered the gift of Kenya cataract surgery to those in need.


A Future Illuminated By Possibility

Mchodey was among the 84 individuals who received life-changing cataract surgeries, all provided by friends just like you. As the bandages were removed, she was able to see light once again. Overwhelmed with gratitude and awe, she told us, “God has indeed blessed me, His child!”

Operation Blessing pays for cataract surgery

A Journey Home After Kenya Cataract Surgery

When Mchodey returned to her village, she regained her independence and her dignity. Kenya cataract surgery changed her life.

village in Kenya

A Prayer of Gratitude: Paying It Forward

Every day, Mchodey is grateful for the precious gift of cataract surgery. She prays that God will bless those who helped her see again so that they may continue helping countless others in need of vision-saving surgeries.

Mchodey’s story is a living example of the profound impact of your kindness. Your generosity changed her life and the lives of many others in Kenay. Thank you for your partnership with Operation Blessing!

happy with new eyesight

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