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Joko Kristiono


Joko Kristiono joined the Operation Blessing family in May 2022 as the national director of CBN Cambodia.

Joko is a missionary from Indonesia and has been living in Cambodia for over 20 years. Before joining Operation Blessing, he served the underprivileged Cambodian youth through various livelihood initiatives, youth football educational programs, and an agricultural project for community transformation. He established a student dormitory project, which allows students from poor backgrounds to obtain scholarships and improve their future career prospects. Joko also organized team-building activities within companies and NGOs.

Joko earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture development from Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga-Indonesia and completed a cross-cultural studies program in Wales, UK. He speaks Javanese, Indonesian, Khmer, and English fluently.

With all these experiences under his belt and the heart of a servant leader, Joko oversees the Operation Blessing projects in Cambodia and has gained the trust and support of the Royal Cambodian Government and local Cambodian churches.

Joko’s wife is a missionary from the United Kingdom.

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