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Dr. Anna Liu


Dr. Anna Liu is the project director for Operation Blessing in China and has been involved in reorganizing, developing and implementing humanitarian programs since April 2000.

Under Dr. Liu’s leadership, OBI China conducts short-term medical missions and partners with numerous local hospitals and professionals to provide tens of thousands of patients with both basic and surgical care. In addition, OBI drills cisterns and wells and coordinates weekly nursing home outreaches for the elderly.

Other projects include helping China’s orphaned and underprivileged children through efforts such as food and clothing provision, scholarships, classes for disabled children and new school construction for poverty-stricken communities.

The Chinese government recognized OBI’s humanitarian efforts and gave Dr. Lui clearance to fund-raise in-country, a significant milestone in OBI China’s history.

Before joining OBI China, Dr. Lui worked for five years in internal medicine at the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital. She studied at the Capital University of Medical Science and earned a bachelor’s degree in clinical medicine.

Dr. Lui enjoys traveling with her husband and on business. She has been to countries in Europe and Asia.

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