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Andreas “Pitti” Heerwagen

Andreas “Pitti” Heerwagen joined CBN Germany in November 2016 as director of operation and development. In September 2018, he was promoted to national director for CBN Germany, where he oversees the German-speaking regions, including Switzerland and Austria.

Pitti has a diverse background, including 15 years of experience and special training as a Kampfschwimmer in the German navy and two years with the US Navy SEALs. He brings his unique skills to the table and has helped shape his leadership.

Since the Ukrainian crisis began in February 2022, the German office has played a pivotal role in providing humanitarian outreach. Additionally, the German office supports five different Operation Blessing projects across Europe.

Pitti is fluent in German and English. He met his wife in the United States, and they now reside in Hamburg, Germany, with their two small children.

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