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Hilda Romero


Hilda Romero joined Operation Blessing International in November 2009 as the national director for Honduras. Working from the national office located in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city of Honduras, Hilda oversees the OB Honduras staff and is focused on developing programs to help break the cycle of suffering for vulnerable and at-risk children, assist people in need of tools and resources for successful microenterprise businesses and help bring relief to those living in extreme poverty. Hilda is also addressing urban and rural health problems by helping aid hospitals and clinics in need of medicine and updated medical equipment as well as working with world-renown Mayo Clinic teams to provide training to staff in one of the city’s major public hospitals.

Hilda works in cooperation with government authorities and local churches to achieve a greater impact in reaching impoverished populations with much-needed resources. In just four months in her role as director for Honduras, Hilda has already helped millions of people through various microenterprise projects, medical donations, street children programs, clean water projects and national anti-parasite campaigns.

Prior to working with Operation Blessing, Hilda co-founded a school with her husband in 1998 as well as played a key role in the disaster relief response to Hurricane Mitch, coordinating relief and medical missions into remote areas with the assistance of the Honduran Air Force.

Hilda is married to Dr. David G. Romero and they have two wonderful daughters, Diana and Any.

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